Public Venue Cleaning

Complete Cleaning has successfully run venue cleaning at public event locations for the over 20 years. We operate both the daily cleaning and event cleaning within the venues ensuring that all areas are kept to a high standard.

On a weekly basis we provide pre and post event cleaning along with janitorial services for music shows, conferences, live shows/performances, comedies, plays, charity evenings and weddings.


We believe the key to making these events a success is to ensure that all areas are kept clean and tidy at all times whilst being invisible to the patrons of the event.


We also have experience in cleaning open-air events, most recently the Magners Festival at the Kelvingrove band stand. Our team keep the venue and facilities clean and tidy through the weekend of shows, no matter what the weather!


Event cleaning for us is about integrating into the event and event team to do whatever is necessary, ensuring the smooth running of the event.

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